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David McCarthy, P.C. - Criminal Defense

Wyoming Criminal Law Attorney

Have you been arrested in Wyoming for a crime? Are you facing a divorce or child custody dispute? Has a loved one suffered injuries in a motor vehicle accident? If so, you probably feel overwhelmed, and have a lot of questions and worries about what you need to do. When you are facing legal issues, it is extremely important to find an attorney who has a proven record of success handling claims and lawsuits in your area.

At the law firm of David McCarthy, P.C., I am passionate about obtaining successful results for you when you face personal injury, criminal or family law matters. Providing professional and knowledgeable legal services throughout Wyoming, including Albany County, Carbon County and Laramie County, you can expect quality and dedicated assistance from me.

Experienced And Aggressive Legal Representation

If you have been arrested or are contemplating divorce, you may be concerned that your voice will not be heard in the justice system. As a lawyer in Laramie for more than a decade, I understand the challenges you face, and I am committed to helping you achieve satisfactory results to legal matters, including:

  • Criminal law: Providing you a quality criminal defense to drug charges, assault or domestic violence, DUI charges and other serious crimes
  • Family law: Asserting your position when you are seeking a divorce or face child custody, paternity and other family disputes
  • Personal injury: Advocating for your right to compensation for losses from motor vehicle accidents and other causes of injuries or wrongful death

When You Need An Advocate, I Am Available

It is important to me that you should be able to meet with your attorney right away. I pride myself on being available to my clients at all times, and I will respond promptly to your call — even in the middle of the night if you have been arrested.

For your convenience, I offer evening and weekend appointments, free consultations, and I accept credit cards and PayPal payments. To contact me immediately, complete this online form or call me at 307-223-5234.

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