Dedicated Legal Representation For Drug Charges

In Wyoming, the laws around driving and drug use are muddled. For example, anyone may be charged with driving under the influence as a result of driving after taking prescription drugs that have been prescribed to them, such as oxycodone or Vicodin.

At my firm, David McCarthy, P.C., I'm committed to making sure that if you are facing drug charges your are treated fairly and that your rights and future are protected.

Members Of Law Enforcement Do Make Mistakes

Many cases involving drug use and DUI are influenced by people who are not properly trained to evaluate someone in this situation. As a criminal defense attorney, I am passionate about defending you if you are facing charges, often felony drug charges, as a result of misguided or uninformed police and prosecutors. Police officers do make mistakes. When improperly administered, some test such as the Field Sobriety Test, produce false positives. I will work to find out whether or not mistakes were made during your arrest or any time afterward. If any mistakes were made I will use this to your advantage. Often this means I am able to reduce or in some cases dismiss the charges against you.

Get Solid, Experienced Drug Defense

I handle a variety of cases involving drug charges in the Laramie area, including drug possession, possession of a controlled substance, and charges involving driving under the influence. I work with people who are facing felonies involving a wide variety of drugs, ranging from prescription drugs to marijuana, cocaine or heroin.

  • Many drug cases stem from traffic stops on Interstate 80. If you live in another state you may often find yourself charged in Wyoming. If you are stopped and charged, contact my office. I know the ins and outs of Wyoming law and how the system works. I am available to represent you and work to minimize the damage drug related charges can have.

Were Proper Procedures Followed?

Drug cases depend heavily on proper police procedures at the time of an arrest. I will examine every aspect of your case and move to exclude any evidence that has been obtained improperly or illegally. I will work diligently to get any charges against you reduced or dropped in any instance the evidence is unreliable, incomplete or inadmissible.

A Strong Defense Can Make A Difference

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have been arrested on a drug-related offense. Fill out my online form or call me directly at 307-223-5234.